Enjoy all the great outdoor pursuits at this scenic Flinders Ranges camping spot

For many of us, minimalist remote area camping is exemplified in South Australia’s rugged Flinders Ranges. Just you; your camper trailer/caravan of choice; a starry sky; a hot glowing fire; red wine; tall tales; and with a frosty night in a warm bed rewarded by a bright, sunny day…

You’ll find this scenario at Rawnsley Park Station and Wilpena Pound, north of Hawker and further on at remote and historic Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary in the Northern Flinders Ranges, where some of the oldest rocks on the planet can be found.

But you don’t have to go that far. Forty minutes’ drive north of Orroroo by a wide, well-formed unsealed road and just three and a half hours’ brisk drive from Adelaide via South Australia’s magnificent wine region of Clare, lies Bendleby Ranges, which boasts the same true Outback camping experience, yet offers much more to those and their children who would like to experience authentic country life.

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