In a slump? 5 Winning outdoor tips to bring you back your golden glow.
Bendleby Ranges wins tourism gold with adventure and back-to-nature focus

During COVID hardships, Kylie and Charlie Luckraft wanted to help guests’ well-being. The directors of knew nature could offer much-needed stress-reducing experiences. They share their top 5 suggestions for readers below.

Bendleby Ranges is in the Southern Flinders Ranges and blends sustainability, self-challenge and the power of “nature to nurture”. This combination helped Bendleby win the 2022 South Australian Adventure Tourism Award. The gold trophy makes it two in a row for Bendleby and follows a silver win last year at the national tourism awards.

“We love the unique landscape of Bendleby Ranges and wanted to share our special place to help people through the difficult times in the past few years.”
Kylie Luckraft | Bendleby Ranges Director

Adrenaline rushes, nature immersion and new developments for adventure
tourism win

 The Bendleby team offer guests time in nature, reconnection with loved ones and self-challenge. Kylie and Charlie are constantly evolving the business, helped by a 21/22 South Australian Tourism Commission’s Tourism Industry Development Fund grant. Recent developments included Crotta Homestead renovations, new tracks and remote campsites, and a specialised group shelter and camp.

It’s been a tough few years for all businesses, not just tourism. We used the recent challenges to keep growing Bendleby with accommodation upgrades and extra facilities. Plus, we got to complete one of my favourite jobs, developing new tracks and campsites to keep our guests coming back.”
Charlie Luckraft | Bendleby Ranges Director

Bendleby’s 5 outdoor tips to kick start your well-being
COVID pressures, natural disasters and financial uncertainty have challenged us all. Here are Bendleby’s top 5 tips to help you get back on track:

1.    Get back to nature – breathe in the calm

Go on – get outdoors, you know it’s good for you. At Bendleby Ranges, you’ll love watching kangaroos hopping and wedge-tailed eagles soaring. Bring calm with each slow breath of native pine-infused air. And who can’t help but smile at those cheeky apostle birds exploring your campsite?

2.    Seek adventure – invigorate and challenge yourself

Do you dare? Get your adrenaline pumping and heart thumping. Bendleby offers adventures for all – 4WD, mountain biking or hiking. One of SA’s toughest 4×4 tracks is Bendleby’s Billy Goat Ridge. But it’s no cute little kiddy goat; it’s feral and not for the faint-hearted. But you’ll feel mighty chuffed when you conquer it.

3.    Discover history – open your mind

Exploring Aboriginal and pastoral history provides an appreciation for their inventiveness and resilience. Learning local history expands our knowledge and helps us compare life’s cyclic nature, past and present.

4.    Enjoy the simple things – reconnect around a campfire

Camping brings friends and families together. Setting up camp, starting the fire, and cooking meals strengthen ties. And whether it’s the slower pace or staring into those mesmerising flames, a campfire is central to camping fun. It’s even easier at Bendleby because they supply firewood.

5.    Be in the moment –  enjoy a digital detox and star gaze

Time to turn off your phone and look at the real stars –millions of them. Bendleby Ranges is renowned for its Astrophotography and night skies.

Golden opportunity to see (and feel) the Bendleby benefits

From adventure to nature, relaxation to reconnection, Bendleby’s a winner. Whether you need to up your challenge or down your stress, all off-roads lead to a rewarding experience.

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