Getting to Bendleby from Adelaide

Bendleby Ranges is just over 3.5 hrs North of Adelaide.  Take a beautiful drive through the Clare Valley, before reaching Ororoo. From here, a scenic 45 minute drive will see you arrive to start your adventure at Bendleby Ranges 

Day 1

Adelaide to Bendleby Ranges

From Adelaide, head North to Clare.  There are plenty of interesting little towns to stop at for breakky and a coffee, or to browse. 

Things to do in Clare

Continue North. Just under 90 minutes later, you’ll hit Ororoo, the last town before Bendleby. Fill up with fuel, grab last minute groceries from the local IGA, and your meat fix from the local butcher before a nice 45 minute drive along the best dirt road in the country to hit Bendleby, where the real adventure begins!