With over 200km of 4X4 tracks ranging from mild to wild, Bendleby Ranges offers an incredible four wheel driving experience for both novices and experts.

Bendleby Ranges has over 210km of self-drive 4WD tracks to suit everyone’s driving ability; from the novice with a new 4WD vehicle to the very experienced.

Exhilarating drives can take you over the rugged Bendleby and Hungry Ranges and deep into the mountains for some truly majestic scenery. 

Seekers of the adrenalin-pumping experience will find the challenging Billy Goat Ridge and Pat’s Peak tracks a “must do” experience.

With incredible views from the hilltops, the terrain varies from hills to plains with excellent views towards Lake Frome & Wilpena Pound.

These are some of the best Flinders Ranges 4WD tracks.

We supply maps and extra information on arrival and talk to you about the condition of tracks before you set off. The Training Track near The Springs is an excellent place to start. This is a great place to test your vehicle and yourself before trying some of the other more challenging tracks.

Beautiful Views

Spread across two stunning Ranges, there are amazing views aplenty! Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenery, or even head up to incredible vantage points to watch the sunrise or sunset.

Challenging 4WDing

Novice or Expert, Bendleby Ranges offers an incredibly diverse range of tracks for all abilities.  Choose some easier tracks to build confidence, and then perhaps have a go at driving more difficult ones like the iconic Billy Goats Ridge track!

Diverse Flora and Fauna

There’s an impressive amount of flora and fauna to be seen on your adventures if you take the time to look!  Ask at the kiosk for a list of things to look out for – the kids will love trying to tick everything off the list!