Bendleby Ranges is a combination of two adjoining properties 'The Springs' and 'Gumdale' totalling 15,000 ha (approx 37,000 acres)

Originally they were part of the Coonatto and Pekina Pastoral Runs, but after the government resumed the land in 1872, were sold off as "agricultural" land.

Situated more than 50km "outside" of Goyder's Line, farming was unsustainable.

The many settler ruins which are scattered across the properties are testimony to the harshness and climate vagaries. The Ellery family (Gumdale) and Luckraft family (The Springs) have owned these properties for over 45 years.

Today the properties, whilst separately managed, offer you some of our well-kept secrets. The beautiful creeks, valleys, ranges and shimmering plains are part of us, and we share with you some of our heritage.

Bendleby Ranges was successful in winning the AdvantageSA Regional Awards Sustainability Award 3 years in a row and was inducted into the Telstra Hall of Fame in 2011. We have also won various SA Tourism Awards, including a Silver Medal in the Adventure Tourism category and Bronze in the Tourist Attraction category in 2018, Silver Medal in the Ecotourism category in 2013, two awards in the 2013 Flinders & Outback SA Tourism Awards, and the Master Farmer Award for 2010. We see the awards process as an important way for us to be involved in tourism in the region, and it shows that we are giving quality service.